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KR16L6 Robots Robotic Intelligent System KR16L6 Robots Robotic Intelligent System

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Long arm expert for low payloads Increased work range

Product Description

There are low-payload applications in which the reach is a decisive factor. For such cases, KUKA offers you the L models KR 16 L6-2, with a reach of up to 1.9 m, and KR 30 L16-2 with a reach of up to 3.1 m.


 Structure Vertical Joints (6 DOF)
Max range(single axes) Axis 1 (cyclotron) ±185o
Axis 2 (upper arm) +35 o,-155 o
Axis 3 (lower arm) +154 o,-130 o
Axis 4 (wrist cyclotron) ±350 o
Axis 5 (wrist swing) ±130 o
Axis 6 (wrist rotary) ±350 o
Max moving speed(single axis) Axis 1 156 o /s
Axis 2 156 o /s
Axis 3 156 o /s
Axis 4 335 o /s
Axis 5 335o /s
Axis 6 647 o /s
Max reach 1911 mm
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Payload Max 6 kg(axes 6)
Capacity 6 kW
Weight 240 kg
Installation Upright/fuchsia
Protective class IP54

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