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M-20ia Robots Robotic Intelligent System

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Multi-functional intelligent robot

Product Description

The M-20iA robot is 6 axis robot, with new servo motor, compact structure, high output, fast response and high reliability. Its arm is long and compact with high dynamic performance, ensuring good welding precision, speed and repeatability. The high-strength arm combines with the advanced servo motor, increasing production ability.


Structure Vertical joints (6 DOF)
Max range(single axis) Axis 1 (cyclotron) 340o
Axis 2 (upper arm) 260 o
Axis 3 (lower arm) 458o
Axis 4 (wrist cyclotron) 400 o
Axis 5 (wrist swing) 360 o
Axis 6 (wrist rotary) 900 o
Max moving speed(single axis) Axis 1 195 o /s
Axis 2 175o /s
Axis 3 180 o /s
Axis 4 360 o /s
Axis 5 360 o /s
Axis 6 550 o /s
Max reach(outer) 1811 mm
Max reach(inner) 317 mm
Repeatability ±0.08mm
Payload Max 20 kg(Axis 6)
Weight 250 kg
Installation Upright/drooping
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