Intelligent Tube Sheet Robot Welding System

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Intelligent Tube Sheet Robot Welding System Robots Robotic Intelligent System

This equipment is specially designed for tube sheet welding. It adopts advanced and accurate visual positioning control technology to realize a truly unmanned full-automatic tube sheet welding robot. It is mainly used for full-automatic welding of chemical industry, various heat exchangers, boilers, power plants, military industry and nuclear power tube sheet.

Suitable for flat welding or fillet welding of tube plate of heat exchanger. The main purpose is to solve the unmanned operation of tube plate, efficient TIG welding, one person and more than one machine control, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity. It is composed of TPR2000N/TPR3000 body, vision system, 500A program controlled intelligent welding power supply, special welding machine head, data acquisition system, automatic correction function, automatic arc length adjustment of spear head, etc.

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