Monitor TIG Welding Machine

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Monitor TIG Welding Machine TIG Welding Machines Welding Power Source Monitor TIG Welding Machine TIG Welding Machines Welding Power Source

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  • TIG welding machine
  • Digital,inverter-typed,and integrated

Product Description

The MONITOR TIG welding machine is a reliable power source based on the world's latest IGBT and inverter technology, digital operation screen with function of current soft start, lack phase protection, over heat protection, over load protection, restart memory, water lack protection, self-test of fault and so on. It is suitable for shipbuilding and steel structure installation, such as working inside a metal container and aloft. And it features high compatibility, safety and reliability.


  • Digital control, fast response, good performance
  • Industry and engineering design, high performance, duty cycle and adaptive capacity
  • 32bit ARM embedded control system, stable output
  • 8th IGBT, fast, liable and low loss
  • Advanced pulse module of high frequency, increased the reliability of the system
  • Digital operation screen, easy and good repeatability
  • Small, light and durable
  • Arc good concentration for stable welding
  • Suitable for low carbon steel, structure steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy, tiranium alloy and copper weldin
  • Cable can be extension to 100m
  • IP21S protection class, suitable for working outside
  • Wide power net adaptive capacity, stable and good repeatability
  • High efficiency and power factor, power saving 15%~40%


Welding machine MONITOR TIG-400 DC MONITOR TIG-500 DC
Voltage 3 ~380V ±18% 50/60Hz 3 ~380V ±18% 50/60Hz
Current 5~400A 5A~500A 5A~500A 50~500A
Duty Cycle(20¡ãC) 60% 60%
Open Circuit Voltage 68V 0.87
Insulation/Protection Class F/ IP23 F/ IP23
Enviroment Temperature -10íŠ~40íŠ -10íŠ~+40íŠ
Cooling Air/Water Air/Water
Length¡ÁWidth¡ÁHeight (mm) 1025 x 415 x 855 1025 x 415 x 855
Power Net Weight(KG)  80  80
Tank Capacity(L) 11 11
Coolant Flow(L/min) 8 8
Outlet Pressure(KPa) 40 40
Cooling Power(W) 1200 1200
Pump Power(W) 60 60
Standard GB15579/1(EN60974/1),GB/T8118,GB/T8747,CE
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