TP060 Most Productive Welding Head

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TP060 Most Productive Welding Head Tube-Sheet Welding Orbital Welding System TP060 Most Productive Welding Head Tube-Sheet Welding Orbital Welding System TP060 Most Productive Welding Head Tube-Sheet Welding Orbital Welding System

  • Most popular tube to tube-sheet welding expert
  • Suitable for tube to tube-sheet welding, with self-fusion or wire feeding, AVC tracking and no-twist designing

Product Description

This is a specially designed TIG welding head for tube to tube-sheet, which is used for carbon steel, stainless steel, mainly for protrusion tube and flush tube connection with or without wire feeding. The standard one is small torch; it can weld high protection requirement material such as Titanium alloy with tow cover. OD ≤32mm, use positioner and manipulator to fix; ≥32mm, use mandrel to fix.

Support equipment: i-Arc400 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source.

Application: chemical, food, medicine, heat exchanger, power plant, military facility, nuclear facility and so on.


  • With/without wire feeding TIG DC/Pulse welding
  • No-wire-twist design and special wire feeding design to meet complex single- or multi-layer welding requirements
  • Durable welding torch design, suitable for tungsten electrode up to Φ3.2mm, improve duty cycle significantly
  • Pneumatic expandable mandrel for positioning, connecting to the balancer accurately and reliably, which is suitable for tube to tube-sheet structure welding in boiler industry
  • Compatible with manipulator and suitable for heat exchanger industry
  • Suitable for materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, zirconium alloy flush tube and protruded tube
  • Unique arc length control AVC design


Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy(with cover)
Tube OD(mm) Φ16 - Φ60(5/8' - 2 1/2')(extendable to Φ89)
Connection Protrusion tube, flush tube
Tungsten OD(mm) бщ2.4(standard), бщ3.2
Wire Diameter(mm) Φ0.8, Φ1.0
Rotation Speed(rpm) 0.37~7.39
Welding Angle 0º ~ 30º option
Arc Adjusting Distance(mm) 18
Max Wire Feeding Speed(mm) 1800
Protective Gas Ar
Cooling Water
Cooling Flow(ml/min) ≥600
Duty Cycle 300A 60%
Weight(kg) 12(no cable)
Dimension(mm) 550x290x510

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