TOK Series Pipe Heads

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TOK Series Pipe Heads Medium Wall Pipe Welding Orbital Welding System TOK Series Pipe Heads Medium Wall Pipe Welding Orbital Welding System

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  • Open tube to tube weling expert-Orbital Welding Head
  • Suitable for wall thickness ≤4mm tube installation, wide range of welding with touching tracking

Product Description

This welding head is special designed for wall thickness ≤4mm tube to tube TIG welding, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel tube to tube connection, mainly for wire feeding or self-fusion.

Support equipment: i-Arc200 and i-Arc400 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source. Application: chemical, food, medicine, engineering installation, boiler, military, nuclear plant, and so on.


  • Suitable for thin wall thickness carbon steel, stainless steel tube or pipe orbital welding
  • Suitable for connection of tube to tube, tube to flange, tube to elbow, tube to valve and so on
  • Automatic all position TIG tube to tube welding with/without wire feeding
  • Water circuit cooling, achieving long time working
  • Mechanical profile tracking design, ensure seam quality


  TOK43 TOK77
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel Carbon steel, stainless steel
Tube OD(mm) Outer clamp:Φ15~Φ25    (5/8'~1') Outer clamp:Φ19.05~Φ45(3/4'~1 3/4')
Inner clamp:Φ25~Φ43      (*1'~1 5/8') Inner clamp:Φ45~Φ77  (1 3/4'~3')
Tungsten diameter(mm) Φ2.4 Φ2.4
Rotation speed(rpm) 0.37~7.45 0.19~3.8
Protective gas Ar Ar
Cooling Water Water
Cooling flow(ml/min) ≥600 ≥600
Dimension(mm) ¡¡ ¡¡
A 128 180
B 115 120
C 85~92 95~101
D 165 92
E 44 82
F 230 290
Weight(kg) 2.5(no cable) 4.0(no cable)
Dimension(mm) 305x128x230 310x180x290
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